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It’s that time of year when I am reminded again and again of God’s faithfulness to this ministry and those who respond to His call. This place is so very special because of people like you and the many stories and journeys that have been impacted by the hope of the Gospel.

Today’s post is from Jen Schwab, a longtime camper and now staff member…

Many things come and go, as they shouldThose jelly shoes that I once spent my money on – they definitely needed to go. But Monadnock’s mission and purpose is timeless.

To come alongside us and spur us on in our mission with God.

To love us and provide a space to be messy and loved at the same time.

To combine truth and grace into a beautiful tapestry.

Monadnock is our “selah” in a quickly turning world. I think that’s worth investing in more than the shoes that are cute today and tragic tomorrow.

It began about three years ago. We had left home, and were living in Georgia, and the thought of Monadnock began to consume my mind. I kept dreaming about camp and how it had shaped me deeply, and without my explicit notice. My time at Monadnock, as a child and as a teenager, were moments of great exploration – and I began to dig deeply into those memories.

At Monadnock they were times of community and friendship, where I knew I belonged. But I think more importantly they were moments of quiet and space to breathe in what God had to say. As I think back, I can hear the still, small voice that whispered on the wind as I sat under (or in) my favorite tree, contemplating all the questions of a 15 year-old’s life.

Even now, I can go to that place in my mind and find a calm place in my heart to center me on God.

Monadnock is not any one thing, but an experience. The sum of its parts produces an environment that is reflective, centering, welcoming, and above all – holy. When I need to recharge, I go to the mountain. It is holy ground to me.

So I give. I give of my time to help out, and I also give a bit of my hard-earned, too-quickly-gone cash to Monadnock Christian Ministries. Why? Because camp is a place worth keeping for my children to experience. I want Monadnock to continue to thrive so the next generation can have a place to call “home” just like I do. In the craziness and all the noise of today, there needs to be a holy place we can retreat to, and hear the word of the Lord.

I don’t have much to give. I’m a working mom paying for three sets of snow pants and too many fruit snacks. But that’s okay, I can still give. In fact, I just finished paying for one new cable for the new sound system in Williams’ Hall. I broke it up into three payments to tackle it with my budget, and – Bam! – I’m making an impact!

I encourage you to give also. Start where you’re at, whether that’s big or little. Get involved with what matters to you. Pray for provision where it is needed. And I hope to see you at camp soon!   


I love Jen’s story. What’s your story? Would you prayerfully consider giving?”