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Imagine for a moment that the Director for Monadnock Ministries is this huge toddler meandering his way around camp, asking this simple yet profound question, “Why?” Now, I am not talking about the occasional why. It’s the “Why” about everything.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”- Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why

Well, truth is, I have been asking “why” a lot. And I mean, a lot!!

I believe in asking the right questions.

You see, I believe that great leadership is about asking the right questions. The day you stop asking questions about who you are (yourself and others) and where you are going (of yourself and others) is the day your leadership has failed.

By asking the right questions, we can then arrive at the right answers.

I believe there are many benefits to asking the right question:

  • It can reveal the inner thoughts and feelings of a person (or organization) who is answering the question, as well as the person (or organization) who is asking the question.
  • The right question allows for ownership of the issue or problem at hand.
  • The right question can not only teach responsibility but it models it as well.
  • It creates teachable moments and lifelong learning. (Deuteronomy 4:32-33) What do I mean by “lifelong learning?” It’s the belief that learning isn’t just what happens in a classroom. All of life is about learning and the learning will continue as long as I draw breath.
  • It provides opportunities to process truth and dispel lies.

One of the biggest questions I have been asking everyone is “What defines Monadnock Ministries?” There is no bigger question to ask ourselves when it comes to our identity. Unfortunately people assume they already know the answer and just start moving, building and acting. It’s one thing to have an opinion. It’s another thing to lead well.

I have had our mission statement quoted to me. I have had our “Welcome Home” sign pointed out to me. These are all good things. But if the day to day decisions we are making pull us away from our mission then they just become words on a sign or a piece of paper. They lose all meaning.

What defines us?

You may be wondering what defines Monadnock Ministries.

I believe we have three critical pillars to MBC:

  • We are Gospel Centered. (Titus 2:14) At the heart of Monadnock Ministries is Jesus Christ. We will proclaim His truth boldly. We want people to know Jesus personally by the teaching and preaching they hear, but also through the way we serve and love.
  • We are Grace Based. (Galatians 6:2) We hear all the time how MBC is a safe place to encounter the Gospel. People feel welcomed, accepted and loved. We care that your story will encounter His story of redemption.
  • We are Discipleship Focused. (1 Thessalonians 5:14) We believe that Jesus not only meets us where we are, but loves us so much to not leave us there. Our goal is to encourage and equip believers to grow into full maturity in Christ.

If these are our pillars, then how do we, as a ministry, uniquely and distinctively express those? We do it in 2 ways:

  • Families (Deuteronomy 6): We come alongside families. God has designed the family to pass faith on to the next generation. He has given MBC the mission to inspire and equip families through family camps. Families are also strengthened through our teen, couples, women and men’s retreats, to be the individuals God is calling them to be.
  • Churches (Ephesians 4:15-16): We come alongside the church. We believe that MBC is a hub of ministry. We absolutely believe that families and individuals need to be connected to a local church to grow in their faith and service. Our role as a ministry is to see where the needs are in the local church and partner with them.

We are drawing a line in the sand at a very critical crossroads in the history of our country and in the history of MBC. The line is this: we will declare the hope of the Gospel to anyone who will hear it as we minister to the family and to the church here and abroad.

Re-Branding Efforts

I believe that everything happens for a reason. My time as the parenting director at Focus on the Family was filled with very similar challenges that we are experiencing here at MBC. As Dr. James Dobson retired, we experienced the change of a founder-driven organization to a mission-driven purpose.

In the same sense, we are experiencing similar challenges and opportunities with the passing of our former co-founder and executive director, Russ Bryant.

This past month we hired a company to walk us through rebranding MBC. During Labor Day weekend, we will be celebrating our 50th year with the theme re:Discover. Not only will we be celebrating the history of our ministry, but we will also be unveiling a new logo and mission statement. We will soon be launching a new website that will more effectively serve the needs of families and churches.

This is no small endeavor. So we are asking for your prayers and support as we long to honor our rich history, as well as the Lord, for all He has done and will continue to do.

What defines Monadnock Ministries? Obviously, each of us will define that differently, but rooted in all of these interactions is the hope of Jesus Christ as His story meets ours.

Will you join us? Will you support us in prayer? We need you.

Faithfully serving Him and MBC