September 2-5



Speaking details coming soon!

Worship Leaders

Salt and Light Co.

Salt and Light Co. is based in central New Hampshire. SLC is a mix of friends and family who share the same desire: to see God glorified through music. Through a mix of a blues, rock, and pop, SLC will share their original music along with a mix of songs from other Christian artists. Listen and be blessed as the name of Jesus is lifted up and magnified.


Schedule Highlights
  • Check-In: Friday 6-8pm
  • Check-Out: Monday after Brunch
  • Three Nights
  • Four General Sessions
Activities Available
  • Mini Golf
  • Campfires
  • Lawn Games
  • 9 Square-in-the-Air
  • Waterfront
  • Family Crafts
  • Hatchet Throwing
  • Family Activities
  • And so much more

Pricing + Registration


What should I bring?

Bring your:

  1. Bible
  2. notebook and pen
  3. appropriate clothing that will protect you from all types of weather
  4. modest bathing suits 
  5. appropriate footwear that you can hike in (hiking boots, sturdy sneakers, etc.)
  6. sleeping bag (or linens), pillow, and toiletries
  7. Snack Shop and activity money
  8. filled out, signed, and dated Medical Form, and all necessary waivers
What should I NOT bring?
The usual – don’t bring weapons, drugs, alcohol, or anything that would harm other guests.