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As my wife and I stood among our packed boxes, 19+ years of collected goods and memories, we were overwhelmed with the thought of moving again. Over the course of our lives, the word “home” has taken on many unique and special meanings. For us, home is not defined by a structure but by the quality of the relationships living in that structure.

Our journey as a family has taken us on some pretty significant and exciting adventures to places like Rockland County, NY; Hershey, PA; Colorado Springs, CO; and now to a little town in New Hampshire, called Jaffrey.

One of the first things I learned about Monadnock Ministries was the phrase that exemplifies the heart and soul of this camp, “Welcome Home.” As I began this new journey with my family, I wanted to understand what “welcome home” really means at Monadnock Ministries?

What does home mean?

Obviously, home means something different for each of us based on our experiences. I have come to the realization over my years that home is more than a shelter for my family and our belongings.

Home is a place where we do life together.

As I have been learning my role as director and our family has been adjusting to our new surroundings, God has been very faithful. Change is never easy, yet He has given each one of us a peace about this new chapter and a purpose in our family’s calling.

In the past 2 months, I’ve also been asking staff, volunteers, our Board of Directors, teens and youth leaders why Monadnock Ministries is home for them?

Through these conversations and in the affirmation of my own family, this is what I’ve learned:

Home is a safe place to do life.

Home is a place where I am accepted and loved.

Home is where I found Christ and was adopted into His family.

Home is where I’m encouraged and challenged to continue to grow.

Home is where broken people feel welcomed and cared for.

Home is where grace and truth compliment each other.

Home is where we take care of each other.

Home is where I know I am always welcomed

As the new Director of Monadnock Ministries I feel like the Baldwin Family and Monadnock were made for each other. I know that might sound crazy, but as I reflect back on our journey as a family, we have come to the same definitions of home.

Whether you are new to Monadnock Ministries, like me, or you have been a part of this place for decades let me just say, “Welcome Home.”

Roy Baldwin