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Empowered to Love Conference

You love each other a lot. So, why do loving couples sometimes find each other at odds? And why do you react the way you do, even though you don’t want to? This conference will help you map what goes wrong and learn how the humility of Christ can empower you to love each other just as He loves you. Participants from previous seminars say they learned more about themselves and the inner workings of their marriage–and how they can strengthen their relationship–than any event they ever attended. They felt empowered to love one another as never before. Don’t miss this “laugh and learn” opportunity for dating, engaged, married and blended family couples.

Could you benefit from:

  • a weekend away to focus on celebrating what is going well in your relationship and fine tune what could improve?
  • advice based on research of over 200,000 “experts” (couples just like you) on how to go from good to great?
  • a multimedia, “laugh and learn” conference event that appeals to men and women?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register by email (mbc@monadnockbible.org), or by phone (603) 532-8321.
  2. Attend the Empowered to Love Conference, get away from it all and strengthen your relationship.

The result? You walk away from the conference with a practical, specific map of how to clothe yourself with humility, activate mutual grace in your relationship, and strengthen your relationship for a lifetime.

Ron Deal is a marriage and family author, conference speaker, and therapist. He is Founder and President of As For Me And My House Ministries, LLC (www.RonDeal.org) and now serves as director of FamilyLife Blended.

Ron is author of The Smart Stepfamily: Seven Steps to a Healthy Family (and DVD series), The Smart Stepmom (coauthored with Laura Petherbridge), The Smart Stepfamily Marriage (coauthored with Dr. David Olson), and The Smart Stepdad.  His latest book is Dating and the Single Parent.  A recognized expert in marriage and blended families, Ron is a member of the Stepfamily Expert Council for the National Stepfamily Resource Center, and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor with nearly 25 years experience in local church ministry and family ministry consulting. Ron is also a popular conference speaker and has appeared in dozens of national radio and TV broadcasts both in the US and Canada.

Ron Deal is husband to Nan (since 1986) and proud father of Braden, Connor, and Brennan.

Pricing and Registration

Saturday Day Conference

$100Per Couple
  • Children ages 5 & up are an additional $10 each to cover meals.

Full Retreat with Conference Center Lodging

$200Per Couple
  • Children ages 5 & up are an additional $10 each to cover meals.

Schedule Highlights

  • Check-In: Friday 4-6pm

  • Check-Out: Saturday afternoon

  • Saturday Breakfast & Lunch

  • One Night

  • Four Sessions

Activities Available

  • Indoor Pool

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Wagon Rides

  • Indoor Mini Golf

  • …and more!

What should I bring?2018-02-27T13:32:36-05:00

Bring your:

  1. Bible
  2. notebook and pen
  3. appropriate clothing that will protect you from all types of weather
  4. modest bathing suits for the pool and waterfront
  5. sturdy footwear for activities
  6. sleeping bag (or linens), pillow, and toiletries
  7. Snack Shop and activity money
What should I NOT bring?2018-01-18T21:11:29-05:00

The usual – don’t bring weapons, drugs, alcohol, or anything that would harm other guests.