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Monthly Giving Partnership

Join us in service, and support the operations here at camp – by giving monthly to sustain the mission of Monadnock!

Are you a Pathfinder?

A Monadnock Pathfinder is someone who invests in the mission of MCM as a regular monthly donor, sustaining our camp operations and maximizing our outreach.

Pathfinders band together on a virtual “hike” as we ascend our beloved Mount Monadnock.

Our first “hike” is the White Dot Trail. At 2.0 miles and with a goal of $150,000 over the course of the year, the White Dot Trail “hike” will support camp operations, sustaining the foundation of the ministry.

As a Pathfinder, you can “hike” at your own pace. Maybe you’d like to be an Exploring Pathfinder at $40 a month, or if you’re feeling Adventurous you can join at $100 a month. But no matter your pace, we’ll reach that summit and celebrate together!

As we make progress, we’ll update you on how far up the “trail” we’ve made it, and celebrate milestones along the way to the “Summit!”

Why is Monthly Giving important?

Regular monthly giving has a three-fold impact for the mission!

1. Regular gifts add up. Even small amounts, month after month add up to very large gifts that make a big difference.

2. Regular gifts give stability. It saves time, resources, and stress when we can better predict what gifts will come in each month. It frees up staff to serve better.

3. Regular gifts build family. “Welcome Home” isn’t just a sign on our building – it’s a way of life at Monadnock. When you join the Pathfinders, it gives us an opportunity to grow closer together, sharing burdens and encouraging one another.