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May 4-5 2018

Men what does it take to become the person God is calling you to be? We believe it takes True Grit.

Come to our camp for a weekend as we unpack what it means to be strong and courageous, to stand firm in your faith, to be on your guard and do to everything in love.

Located in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, our Men’s Retreat is designed for you to get away from all the busyness and enjoy activities, hear from great speakers and experience life change.

Keynote Speaker:


Worship Band:


HU8A0787-2Road to Damascus started right here in New Hampshire at camp, and they are 4 friends who love bringing people to the place where they can freely worship our King Jesus Christ. Their mission is to always point people back to God through music and that all honor and glory would always be Gods and never be robbed from HIM.

Call Sue to Register @ 603-532-8321


Option 1 – $149 Friday after Dinner – Sunday Lunch
Option 2 – $119 Friday after dinner – Saturday dinner
Option 3 – $99 Saturday Only (3 meals, no overnight)
Option 3 is limited in number and may not be guaranteed until the week of the retreat.

or call 603-532-8321 to Register

Men’s Retreat Tentative Schedule

6:00pm      Registration
8:00            Session #1
9:30            Snack and Free Time
9:30            Campfire
9:30            Dodgeball!
11:30pm     Quiet time

7:30am       Devo’s with the Director
8:00            Breakfast
9:00            Session #2
10:30          Flag Football!
12:00          Lunch
1:00            Seminar with Paul Soucy
1:00-5:00   Activity Options
2:30            Grill Off!
4:30            Workshops
5:30            Dinner
6:30            Session #3 Offering to be received
8:00            Dodgeball!
9:00            Fellowship & Snack Time
9:30            Belly Flop Competition
11:30           Quiet Time

7:30am      Devo’s with the Director
8:00           Breakfast
10:00         Session #4
12:00         Lunch & Good-Byes

Men’s Retreat Activities

Board Games –                  Open Free Time
Heated Indoor Pool –         Open Free Time
Hatchet Throwing –           11:00am
Archery –                           11:00 am
Annual Football Game –   11:00am & 2:00pm
2 Man Saw Competition – 1:00pm
Skeet Shooting –               1:00pm – 4:00pm Cost $10
Paint ball –                         2:00pm & 3:00pm Cost $10
Grill Off –                           2:30pm
Speed Minton Tourney –   3:00 – 4:30PM
Dodgeball –                       9:30pm Friday & 8:00pm Saturday
Belly Flop Competition      9:30pm Saturday

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