Men’s Retreat2019-01-22T17:50:13-05:00

Spring Men’s Retreat

Brotherhood. We are called to support each other, to be sharpened and strengthened as we meet together as family.

Join our tribe for a weekend of renewal and refreshment, to be inspired and equipped for the challenges you face. Enjoy camaraderie, lots of meat, and special time to hear from your heavenly Father.

Jay Mudd and his family love living in MetroWest Boston. He and his wife, Holly, were married in 2006 and have five children: Makayla, Adalynn, Louie, Zachary, & Rhett. He has over 16 years in pastoral experience, with leadership responsibilities in churches both small and large. He has a Bachelors Degree in Church Leadership and a Masters Degree in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University. In his free time, Jay enjoys going on family adventures and watching Boston sports.

Pricing and Registration

Full Retreat


Friday & Saturday


Saturday Only

Online Registration

Register by Email

Register by Phone: (603) 532-8321

Schedule Highlights

  • Check-In: Friday 5-8pm

  • Check-Out: Sunday 1pm

  • Saturday Breakfast – Sunday Lunch

  • Two Nights

  • Four Sessions

Activities Available

  • Archery Tag

  • Skeet Shooting

  • Pickleball Tournament

  • Football

  • Hatchet Throwing

  • Grill Off!

  • Mountain Hike

  • Indoor Heated Pool

  • Indoor Mini Golf

  • Lawn Games

  • and more!

What should I bring?2018-02-27T13:32:36-05:00

Bring your:

  1. Bible
  2. notebook and pen
  3. appropriate clothing that will protect you from all types of weather
  4. modest bathing suits for the pool and waterfront
  5. sturdy footwear for activities
  6. sleeping bag (or linens), pillow, and toiletries
  7. Snack Shop and activity money
What should I NOT bring?2018-01-18T21:11:29-05:00

The usual – don’t bring weapons, drugs, alcohol, or anything that would harm other guests.