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Family Strong

A One-Day Conference for Every Family

Spring 2019

Cornerstone Church in Uxbridge, MA

Every day there are pressures on your family – from outside and within. What does it mean to be a strong family? Is it the perfect schedule or system? Is there a magic trick or charm?

We believe the true strength of a family is found in hope and resilience. Resilient families can flex and strengthen when the storms hit, because they have a firm anchor in the power of Jesus Christ.

Life is utterly unpredictable and so often we don’t see it coming. But resilience means our families can take a hit and bounce back. Resilience means our families get stronger when we face challenges. Resilience means we look to the cross, and deepen our relationship with God and each other as the winds blow.

In the squalls of life, we need a strong anchor to hold us firm – to provide the hope and strength we need to weather the storm. We need Christ.

Family Strong is a one-day conference to process your pressures and equip you with tools and a stronger tie to the Anchor.