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Date: May 11-13, 2018
Price: $150 per person

Equip Student Leadership Intensive
has been completely re-tooled for 2018.

Come and experience the new and improved student leadership conference that is unique in it’s design and delivery than many other student leadership conferences.  This unique weekend is designed in such a way that your students will actually walk away with new tools, ideas and experiences that will have immediate impact on them and your youth group.

In collaboration with Rising Sun Consultants, you can expect the following:

1.Understand the concept of Servant Leadership

2.Understand the S.E.R.V.E model of leadership

This format will include:

  • multi-media presentations
  • hands-on experiential learning
  • interactive discussion
  • personal development
  • skills development
  • public speaking

Also new this year will be an opportunity for students to present through an interactive style format the impact their leadership is having through their schools, communities and churches.  Look for that application to present on our website soon.

Another change is that we are extending the experience from Friday through Sunday.  Due to the intensive and experiential aspects of the new program and the value your students will walk away with it can not be fit into one day.

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Equipping your Student Leadership Team for their work in ministry

“Equip empowers young Christians to step up and be more effective leaders”– Shawn, Derry, NH

This May Monadnock Bible Conference is hosting the EQUIP Student Leadership Conference.  This is an opportunity for you to introduce your students who are leaders and potential leaders to some great training, to help them grow, and prepare for the mission field to which God has called them to, today.

We know your students need quality training and quality training is not always easy to come by. It is for just this reason that we planned the EQUIP Student Leadership Conference.

PRICE: $150 per person – Price includes program, all meals and snacks, lodging and most activities

Our Leadership:

Our facilitator for the weekend is Dr. Richard Pierce of Rising Sun Consulting.

Due to the new nature and delivery of this intensive leadership experience there is no longer a “typical” speaker format.

This new format will help the students feel more engaged and better equipped to apply leadership in new and immediate ways.

2018 Schedule

Tentative Schedule 

6:00 PM- Check-In/Settle into Rooms
7:00 PM- Welcome/Intro in the Chapel (40 min)
7:40 PM- BREAK
8:00 PM- Servant Leadership (45 min)
8:45 PM- S.E.R.V.E (45 min)
9:30 PM- Team Building/Fun (30 min)
10:00 PM- Dismiss
10:15 PM- Snack/Free Time
11:30 PM- Quiet Time

Saturday Morning:
7:30 AM- Devotions with the Director in the Monadnock Room (20 min)
8:00 AM- Breakfast in Dining Room(s) (30 min)
8:30 AM- Team Building/Fun (45 min)
9:15 AM- Self Awareness (45 min)
10:00 AM- BREAK (20 min)
10:20 AM- Presentation Skills (90 min)
12:00 PM- Lunch (60 min)

Saturday Afternoon/Evening:
1:00 PM- Team Building/Fun (30 min)
1:30 PM- Outdoor Experiences (150 min)
4:00 PM- BREAK (30 min)
4:30 PM- Debrief (60 min)
5:30 PM- Dinner (60 min)
6:30 PM- “Theriault Talks” (120 min)
8:30 PM- Team Building/Fun (30 min)
9:00 PM- Snack/Free Time
11:00 PM- Quiet Time

Sunday Morning/Afternoon:
7:00 AM- Devotions with the Director in the Monadnock Room (20 min)
8:00 AM- Breakfast in the Dining Room(s) (30 min)
8:30 AM- “Jesus Christ: The Great Servant Leader” (60 min)
9:30 AM- Prepare Presentations by Group (90 min, includes break)
11:00 AM- Group Presentations (90 min)
12:30 PM- Lunch (60 Min)
2:00 PM- Pack up and Goodbyes (see you soon!)

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