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November 30-December 2, 2018

Come away and be together. Your lives are busy and full of necessary tasks, but it is vital to invest in the bedrock of it all: your marriage with your spouse, and your union with Christ. Our Christian Married Couples’ Retreat is about you – giving you the time and tools you need to enjoy that spark!

We’ll unpack the key to a successful and thriving marriage: ENCOURAGEMENT. You get strong Biblical teaching, engaging worship, and tons of fun with your spouse with great camp activities.

This retreat is for you, whether:

  • you’ve been married for one year or 60 years (or anything in between!)
  • if your marriage is in distress
  • or you’re looking for a tune-up
  • or you just want a weekend of intentional time together

Make time for each other and join us!

David and Pam Hodge fell in love over a quarter century ago and have been best friends ever since. They have a passion to equip married couples to encourage each other daily. David is president of Anchor Leadership, a corporate and ministry development firm based in Atlanta GA. Pam is director of children’s ministry at their church. Most importantly, they love the Lord while having fun raising their sons, Jameson and Spencer.

Pricing and Registration

On-Site Lodging


Off-Site Lodging

Register by Email

Register by Phone: (603) 532-8321

Schedule Highlights

  • Check-In: Friday 6-8pm

  • Check-Out: Sunday 1pm

  • Saturday Breakfast – Sunday Lunch

  • Two Nights

  • Four Sessions

Activities Available

  • Indoor Heated Pool

  • Indoor Mini Golf

  • Archery TAG!

  • Campfire

  • Wagon Rides

  • Tandem Bicycles

  • Pickleball

  • Canvas Painting

  • A Walk to Remember

  • Ballroom Dance Night with Instructor

What should I bring?2018-02-27T13:32:36+00:00

Bring your:

  1. Bible
  2. notebook and pen
  3. appropriate clothing that will protect you from all types of weather
  4. modest bathing suits for the pool and waterfront
  5. sturdy footwear for activities
  6. sleeping bag (or linens), pillow, and toiletries
  7. Snack Shop and activity money
What should I NOT bring?2018-01-18T21:11:29+00:00

The usual – don’t bring weapons, drugs, alcohol, or anything that would harm other guests.