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“I want to give back to camp what camp has done for me”

Today Caleb is an integral part of the daily life of Monadnock as he volunteers as an intern throughout the Winter and Spring. This Summer he will once again join the ranks of Summer staff. When I asked him about his first year on summer staff he remembers vividly the excitement, “I can be here AND get paid?”

Caleb has spent a few Summers on staff but continuously returns to volunteer on a regular basis. He brings Joy to the people around him, plays a couple pranks on his friends, and truly embodies what it means to be at home in a safe place.

Looking back further Caleb says he is thankful for the role Monadnock played in giving him a strong base of believers to be amongst when his school and church did not. “Monadnock was my youth group.” Caleb was given a safe place to come and be himself, to share his troubles, to express who he was in Christ.

As the youngest brother in the family, Caleb was first introduced to MBC by his dad. He spent many years sharing a weekend away with his dad at the annual father son retreat in the spring. Those times helped introduce him to the family of MBC and show him what it was like to be a part of the larger family of Christ in his life.

If ever you wonder what it would be like to be a volunteer and how it will effect you, take a moment and stop Caleb. You will get chance to really hear why Caleb says, “I want to give back to camp, what camp has done for me.”