The Pursuit

Three years ago on this day, I was announced as the new Director of Monadnock Bible Conference, now known as Monadnock Christian Ministries (MCM). Little did I know what we would face as a ministry and as a family; how much change there would be; how much we had yet to learn in embracing the

This Covenant of Love

This Covenant of Love On October 28, 1995 I stood in front of family and friends and said, “I do” to my wife, Karen. A few months later for her birthday I wrote her a poem entitled, “The Covenant of Love.” I want to share that with you. The Covenant of Love A commitment

That’s What The Promise Is For

Keeping a Promise I have fallen in love, not only with the people of New England, but with the opportunity to share the hope of knowing Christ as we come alongside people, communities, and churches. Our recent changes here are exciting because I know the Lord is orchestrating them and we are responding out

The Honor of Service

We have the best volunteers in the world. They are steadfast and faithful. Many of them have been personally impacted by the power of Christ at camp. They come in to joyfully give of what they have to the mission. And we couldn’t operate without them. Working at MBC, whether paid or volunteer, is

Get a Real Job!

"Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. Immediately they left their nets and followed him." - Matthew 4:19-20 I woke up this morning wondering if the apostles ever heard from their friends and families, "Get a real job!" I hear variations of that phrase more than I care to. Usually I am

Life…respond accordingly

Each day we have devotions together as staff.  We read from multiple devotionals or books.  Recently we have been reading, “Streams In The Desert” by L.B. Cowman (updated version by James Reimann). The devotion on January 1 was this: “Today we stand at the threshold of the unknown.  Before us lies a new year, and

Peace Be With You

Here are some recent headlines that tell a very powerful story about depression and stress: For 80 Years, Young Americans Have Been Getting More Anxious and Depressed, and No One Is Quite Sure Why Anxiety: the epidemic sweeping through Generation Y Teen Depression and Anxiety: What Parents Can Do There’s a Startling Increase in Major

Resilient Faith

From the moment we are born to the moment we draw our last breath, we are placing our faith in someone or something. All of us are on a faith journey – and it’s not just those who have placed their faith in Christ. Resilience is often a misunderstood concept in our society.  We hear

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