The Greatest Opportunity – A New Years Reflection

All things come to an end - life, seasons, a job/career, a calendar year, summer camp, a decade, a football career as one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, and the list goes on. The end of a year can bring with it a chorus of different emotions and thoughts. The end of every calendar

Significance in Parenting

What if everything you hope for your children has less to do with all the amazing experiences of school, sports, music lessons, hobbies, trips, community service, and church, and has more to do with the closeness you have with your children? When we think about providing a high quality of life for our children,

Mental Health and Finding Hope at Camp

*article links in this post are adult-oriented data sources, and may not be suitable for children* Maybe like you, I have been following a lot of the conversations centered around the Parkland school shooting. It’s hard to have rational debate over emotionally charged issues especially when it comes to the lives lost in Parkland.

The Broken Path to Hope

We all long for hope.  We just don't like the packaging it comes in. In the Gospel, hope and brokenness flow together as one. They would seem to be opposites to most at first glance, not having anything to do with one another. Our ability to see brokenness and humility as gifts, allows us

On Haiti

There’s been renewed discussion about Haiti in the news recently. As an organization working with Haitians since 1983, we happen to know a few things about the country and its people. Several years ago on one of our mission trips, I said, “Haiti is a contradiction. There is beauty and brokenness, majestic view and

Beggars Telling Beggars

I was asked the other day about my story and journey. As I reflected and thought about the question, I was at a little loss for words. Where do I even start? Have you ever had that happen to you when someone asks you to share a little about yourself? Usually I am not

Why I Give

It's that time of year when I am reminded again and again of God's faithfulness to this ministry and those who respond to His call. This place is so very special because of people like you and the many stories and journeys that have been impacted by the hope of the Gospel. Today's post

The Pursuit

Three years ago on this day, I was announced as the new Director of Monadnock Bible Conference, now known as Monadnock Christian Ministries (MCM). Little did I know what we would face as a ministry and as a family; how much change there would be; how much we had yet to learn in embracing the

This Covenant of Love

This Covenant of Love On October 28, 1995 I stood in front of family and friends and said, “I do” to my wife, Karen. A few months later for her birthday I wrote her a poem entitled, “The Covenant of Love.” I want to share that with you. The Covenant of Love A commitment

That’s What The Promise Is For

Keeping a Promise I have fallen in love, not only with the people of New England, but with the opportunity to share the hope of knowing Christ as we come alongside people, communities, and churches. Our recent changes here are exciting because I know the Lord is orchestrating them and we are responding out